Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paul Danquah

"Paul Danquah"
 Paul Danquah (born May 25, 1925, United Kingdom) is a British film actor and lawyer, the son of J. B. Danquah. He presented Play School and is reported to be the first black presenter of a children's programme. Francis Bacon lived with Danquah and Danquah's partner Peter Pollock in their Battersea flat from 1956 to 1961. During this period, in late 1961, Danquah arranged for Don Bachardy to draw Bacon. In 1961, Danquah made his film debut in the British film A Taste of Honey, starring as Jimmy. Danquah moved with Pollock to Tangier in the late 1970s. Danquah and Pollock discovered a suitcase containing drawings by Bacon in the late 1990s; these drawings were acquired by The Tate in 1996 and exhibited in 1999.

Selected Black and White Portraiture, No. 2

"David, No. 23"

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"John Proctor"